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production processes

Polymet Solutions

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You especially know that non-ferrous metals move the world. None of today’s industrial sectors would exist without these valuable materials. They are essential for products we use every day such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Yet you are also acutely aware of how prices for almost all metals have come under pressure in recent years. That’s why you need competitive solutions to ensure you stand out from the crowd. However, the current situation also offers new chances, both for you and for us. To leverage these opportunities, SMS and Mettop have formed a joint venture. Named PolyMet Solutions GmbH (PolyMet Solutions), the company is dedicated to customers in the non-ferrous metals industry.

Its mission? To create innovative and highly profitable solutions for the metals production industry.

non-ferrous metals

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Base metals

Copper, lead, nickel, zinc, tin...

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Precious metals

Gold, silver, platinum, palladium...

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Other metals

Cobald, molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium...

Whatever you require – whether primary or secondary production lines –
we supply the right engineering solutions, units, and designs
for everything, from single machines up to full lines.

Our Solutions

Process, technology and lining concepts

Understanding the process is a fundamental requirement for designing reliable and efficient metallurgical plants. It ensures the correct dimensioning of pyrometallurgical vessels for new non-ferrous metals facilities. Furthermore, precise knowledge in this area helps us optimize or modify processes to suit changed conditions. This is vital because the right process definition results in a more profitable plant.

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Products & applications

Whatever you require – whether primary or secondary production lines – we supply the right engineering solutions, units, and designs for everything from single machines up to full lines.

We offer the supply of new installations as well as the upgrade of existing units. Available now from PolyMet Solutions is our improved primary smelter for non-ferrous metals. 

Studies & trainings

PolyMet Solutions draw on many years of experience as well as extensive knowledge about the components and plants used throughout the entire process chain for non-ferrous metals production. That gives us the expertise necessary for compiling comprehensive studies as well as customized training courses – whatever your field.

Definition of Polymet

Polymetallic ore is a mineral containing more than two metals.
We at PolyMet Solutions devise the most efficient way to recover these metals
profitably. That involves processing the non-ferrous metals. “Poly” means multiple,
or more than one way. Numerous methods have been developed and applied to
extract these metals.

At a glance

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  • Superior know-how
  • Engineering, process studies
  • Consultancy
  • Unit and plant optimization
  • Furnace integrity
  • Commissioning assistance and training

Dr. Andreas Filzwieser (CEO)
Dr. Iris Filzwieser, Stefan Wallner,
Dr. Rolf Degel, Ralf Nörthemann,
(Board members)

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  • Plant and equipment
  • Execution, commissioning support
  • Project financing
  • Turnkey competence
  • Technical studies
  • Bankable feasibility studies

Dr. Rolf Degel
(VP NF metals and recycling)
Ralf Nörthemann
(VP SAF and Electric Smelter)

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  • Patented cooling systems
  • Patented copper electrolysis
  • Purging systems
  • Process know-how
  • Refractory and cooling sections
  • Process modelling

Dr. Andreas Filzwieser (CEO)
Dr. Iris Filzwieser (CFO)

Full-liner competencies for complete non-ferrous metals plants 
Highly innovative solutions combined with proven technologies
Best process technology with in-house refractory engineering in 3D
Unique pool of know-how on processes, refractories, and cooling for best furnace integrity and plant efficiency
Project financing support
Studies for project development or plant optimization

Location & representations

PolyMet Solutions GmbH uses the sales network of SMS and Mettop (see below). For further details,
please contact us at met(at)polymet-solutions.com.