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PolyMet Solutions
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PolyMet Solutions, SMS and Mettop combine all necessary services and products to execute complete projects on-time and on-budget – starting from smaller sub-units up to complete turnkey solutions.

Products overview

SMS also provide a wide product range downstream of the smelters

Available here is innovative equipment for solidification, refining, and metal, matte, slag handling such as:

  • Metal and alloy handling equipment
  • Ladle handling and refining equipment
  • Ladle arc reheating stations
  • Tilting, skimming, injection and deslagging stations
  • Chemical heating furnaces
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Material & product handling

Material and product handling has its own challenges. Especially in the non-ferrous metals industry, all kind of materials with unique properties requires a suitable design of the equipment.

See the flow sheet
Raw material handling - Image Raw material handling - Image Raw material handling - Image Raw material handling - Image

It’s vital that raw materials are handled, treated, and conditioned in a way that achieves optimum furnace operation. This is where SMS offers a wide variety of systems. You can choose from various setups for all the required facilities, for example:

  • Unloading stations for trucks, trains, and vessels
  • Stock yard systems, e.g. stacker reclaimer systems
  • Material preparation, such as washing, sorting, screening, drying, agglomeration, and separation
  • (Day) storage systems
  • Highly accurate batch or continuous composition of burden mix
  • Conveying systems for all facilities
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Most applications in this area involve casting SAF melt into solid blocks. Then these blocks need further treatment to meet the requirements for products such as bulk or powder material in defined sizes. SMS offers a range of systems for conditioning cast products:

  • Crushing, grinding, and milling stations
  • Sorting, screening, and sizing systems
  • Blending, grain spectrum confectioning, and portioning facilities
  • Agglomeration and densification facilities
  • Packing facilities, e.g. for big bags, plastic bags, cardboard cartons
  • Loading systems for dump trucks, silo trucks, train wagons, and sea containers
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Smelting generates the by-products slag, dusts, and slurries consisting of metal fractions and mineral phases. Whatever the situation, SMS offers you expertise and systems for by-product conditioning and cleaning, as well as for evaluating marketability. The solutions are geared to you and focus on maximum value generation from low-cost recycling.


Available from SMS is a full range of energy and green technologies. Included here are innovations in energy recovery systems, water treatment, air pollution control, by-products and recycling technologies, as well as energy management services.

Electrics & automation

Holistic system expertise

Modern metallurgical plants from SMS are highly efficient and meet today’s ever-tougher end-product quality requirements. Crucial here are harmonized system components. These are a given with SMS because they supply complete solutions, including overall engineering, construction, and commissioning. The expertise covers all aspects: processes, mechanics, plus electrics and automation.

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X-pact electrical and automation systems

SMS electrical and automation systems are grouped together under the brand name X-Pact®. That covers all process levels. X-Pact® is a modular system and can be adapted or expanded to suit your specific requirements. 

Plant process - Image Plant process - Image Plant process - Image Plant process - Image

Plant process and power distribution

It’s important, when developing plant power supply and distribution systems, to take account of the local grids and the available infrastructure. Crucial here is examining all possible interactions.

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SAF process monitoring

SAF plant management must tackle multiple challenges: worldwide demands for CO2 reductions, the need to save energy, fluctuating raw materials prices, and the entry of new countries onto the market and into global competition.

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After sales service

Specifically for X-Pact® electrics and automation customers, the SMS online service portal offers rapid troubleshooting support. Even during commissioning, SMS sets up a service portal to assist with any hitches.


Reliable partner for complete turnkey solutions

The SMS turnkey department is noted for its high expertise in planning and supplying complete plants of any size – for ferro alloys, non-ferrous metals, and more all over the world.

As a leading partner in consortiums or as plant planning specialists, SMS offers you comprehensive know-how and a wide spectrum of services. The technical services cover everything from the planning and project phase to the handover of your turnkey plant.

SMS coordinates all activities in each phase of project planning and order handling to ensure dependable performance of every contract. SMS has implemented many projects as an EPC/EPCM contractor, applying the following business concepts:

Business Concept 1

Core equipment delivery

Business Concept 2

Turnkey equipment delivery

Business Concept 3

Business Concept 2 + local engineering by SMS, procurement and construction by customer with SMS assistance

Business Concept 4

Business concept 3 + local civil engineering and construction engineering by SMS

Revamps & modernization

Solutions in revamp and plant modernization

Revamping plants is challenging because of the nature of brownfield design. It requires the lowest possible downtime during revamping as well as adaptation of the existing plant environment.

Our intelligent solutions achieve higher production levels while retaining the approximate dimensions of both your furnace and your plant. It’s also possible to boost production with intelligent logistical improvements and charging patterns.

Plant revamps & modernization - Image Plant revamps & modernization - Image Plant revamps & modernization - Image Plant revamps & modernization - Image

Boost your plant...

Process optimization
Furnace enlargement
Productivity increase
Change in product(s)
Installation of heat recovery systems
Safety and enviromental issues
Installation of purging plugs or burners
Modified charging mix, products and quantities
Upgrade of data recording and automation system
Charging system/ infrastructure optimization
Improvement of cooling systems and refractory linings