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Process & technology solutions –
best definition

Understanding the process is a fundamental requirement for designing reliable and efficient metallurgical plants. It ensures the correct dimensioning of pyrometallurgical vessels for new non-ferrous metals facilities. Furthermore, precise knowledge in this area helps us optimize or modify processes to suit changed conditions.

Our competencies

Moreover, the correct process definition provides the fundamental data and information needed for all auxiliaries and surrounding units such as offgas system, raw material and product handling, cooling systems, etc. It’s also possible to integrate the models in the applied automation system for predictive operation of the unit. We use various thermo-dynamic programs such as HSC to perform mass and energy balances. This provides extremely accurate data based on dynamic modelling.
Frequently, especially in the case of newly developed processes, it’s compulsory to carry out fundamental smelting tests to doublecheck the results from the simulation. Our extensive internal database as well as data from operating plants makes sure the outcome of the evaluation is close to real-life process conditions in industrial units.

Main benefits

  • Higher efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Higher productivity and yield
  • Longer furnace campaign life
  • Better safety
  • Lower maintenance and shutdown costs
  • Better process prediction


Solutions in cooling – your key to
the best furnace integrity

Cooling - Image Cooling - Image Cooling - Image Cooling - Image

Most metallurgical vessels include an additional cooling feature in certain areas of the furnace to control refractory wear. Tackling this issue over recent decades was quite a challenge, but SMS and

Mettop developed a range of cooling systems for almost all pyrometallurgical processes in the non-ferrous industry, as well as the iron and steel industry. What’s required here are intelligent solutions – especially in high-stress areas, e.g. points subject to abrasion from offgas or bath turbulences, tap hole areas, surfaces exposed to aggressive slag, changing slag compositions, temperature fluctuations, or high temperature levels.

Available to cope with these strains are various vessel cooling systems such as air cooling, spray cooling, or cooling with internal copper elements.

We carry out extensive CFD calculations to find the right choice of cooling elements.

Main features

  • CFM (composite furnace modular) cooling solutions
  • Copper staves for shaft furnaces
  • Plate coolers
  • Finger coolers
  • Tailor-made systems


ILTEC Technology – Mettop’s
water-free cooling to
ensure your safety

Iltec - Image Iltec - Image Iltec - Image Iltec - Image

Here is a real game-changer in pyrometallurgical vessel and component cooling: ILTEC redefines plant safety. It comprises a system and liquid developed and patented by Mettop. But this doesn’t mean we completely eliminated water as a coolant.

Instead, the focus is on risk areas where explosions might occur. Mettop´s experts tested the liquid in steel plants as well as copper plants by injecting it below the liquid metal bath level. The successful outcome: no expansion or explosions, and only minor agitation in the liquid. That’s a significant breakthrough in cooling technology.

The flow pattern characteristics are similar to those of water. That makes it easy to replace existing water cooling systems with ionic liquid technology – without changing the pumping station and piping. Similarly, there is no need to modify the coolers.

SMS group and Mettop agreed to jointly market the ILTEC technology. The product is integrated in the Joint Venture of PolyMet Solutions.

Here’s how you benefit

  • No explosions, increased safety
  • Cooling in areas where water cooling is too risky or not possible
  • Higher cooling elements temperatures eliminate acid attack caused by temperatures below the dew point of the offgas
  • Energy recovery due to temperature outlet of 200°C
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Refractory solutions – long and
safe campaigns

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Refractories have a major impact on the OPEX and therefore the profitability of any smelting plant. It’s obvious the cost of the initial refractory material is significant. Yet equally important is the “full-life value”, including loss of production and unexpected failures.

The correct understanding and definition of the process is crucial to providing an optimized lining design. All this makes the advantages of 3D engineering immediately clear. These illustrations allow a much better visualization of solutions and avoid design mismatches. Furthermore, the expansion calculation is more accurate.

It’s a huge bonus that 3D installation support tools ensure faster and better-quality installation. Finally, you can rely on much lower costs and time for on-site brick cutting. Plus, when it comes to lining supply, PolyMet Solutions cooperates with several refractory suppliers throughout the world.

Main features

  • Detailed 3D design and engineering
  • Comprehensive appreciation of operating conditions, operating modes, and upset conditions
  • Materials selection independently of the refractory supplier
  • Specification of material properties and quality control requirements
  • Quality installation and dry-out practices
  • Lining integrity monitoring during operation
  • Training of furnace operators and bricklayers

Furnace Integrity

Vessel integrity is crucial to reliable and safe furnace operation. It also influences the furnace service life. That’s why we created innovative designs based on existing pyrometallurgical reactors. What keeps us ahead of the curve are frequent on-site plant inspections and our consultancy work, so we perfectly understand how to optimize vessel integrity. Process know-how, operational know-how, expertise in refractory and furnace cooling as well as furnace design: these are keys to boosting furnace integrity. PolyMet Solutions unites all these aspects. Using modern software packages for thermodynamic calculations, CFD (computational fluid dynamics) calculations as well as real data from industrial plants, we carefully design solid solutions for you.

Furnace tuning kit

PolyMet tuning kit solutions – to optimize your furnace

There are several ways to optimize both the process and the lining life. That applies particularly to metallurgical furnaces where purging, lancing, and burner systems can be used to control the process. Together, Mettop and SMS draw on significant in-depth know-how in these technologies. The optimized burner and lancing solutions developed for the iron and steel industry are also suitable for the non-ferrous metals area. Parallel to this, even vessels in existing units come with improvement potentials.

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Purging solutions

Over the past decade, Mettop has supplied numerous purging units. Especially in anode furnaces, our purging solutions reduce process time, avoid build-ups, and increase vessel service life. They also improve operation by pushing slag toward the mouth. This ensures cleaner slag tapping and lowers fuel consumption. Purging in converters can reduce the sulphur content to below 100 ppm. That eliminates the need for oxidation in anode furnaces. The oxygen content is reduced at the same time.

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Lancing system solutions

Long tradition of SMS and Mettop plus extensive know-how and references in steelmaking and non-ferrous metals combination with ILTEC technology opens up new processes and furnace optimizations, including

  • permanent cooled lances instead of self-consuming lances
  • cooled lance tips for submerged lances
  • Multi-functional lances for the injection of up to 4 solid and gaseous components
  • Cooled sub-lance systems
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Burner systems and injector solutions

SMS competence in burner system optimization transferred to the non-ferrous metals area.

  • High-speed burners and injection systems enable additional process optimization for concentrate smelting and secondary metal production routes
  • Newly developed and patented PROX burners allow an efficient and flexible energy input in oxidizing as well as reducing atmosphere at adjustable burner flame configuration
  • Innovative SIS injector injects the purging jet with 2,5 Mach into the molten bath by using a shrouded gas and providing an intensive effective agitation of the bath at lower gas consumptions

Research and development

Innovation means developing tomorrows’ processes and furnaces today

Key to PolyMet Solutions’ position as an expert partner in pyrometallurgical smelters is the open-minded, creative spirit of our team. That enables us to develop new application areas for smelters while also optimizing existing designs. PolyMet Solutions, SMS group and Mettop evolve innovations in cooperation with you as well as renowned institutes and universities. This interaction with third parties constantly provides new dynamics and fresh inspiration.

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Some of our partners

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